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Accentrate vs. Cooper Complete® Advanced Omega-3 (CCAO3) Fish Oil

March 27, 2019

Accentrate Compared to a Tic Tac and Jelly Belly

Other companies are trying to market themselves as alternatives to Vayarin. One such company is Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements. Their Cooper Complete® Advanced Omega-3 (CCAO3) reports having 720 mg of EPA and 480 mg DHA. That seems like a lot more than Vayarin. The trick is comparing apples to apples. CCAO3 provides the EPA and DHA in triglyceride form. It doesn’t contain phosphatidylserine at all. Since these omega-3s are not in phospholipid form, they could end up anywhere in the body. The heart, blood, joints, etc.

Cooper Complete also mistakenly states that the PS is found in krill oil. Krill oil contains less than 1% PS. Enzymotec extracted PC-EPA and PC-DHA and changed the PC to PS through enzymatic reactions.

It’s also interesting that after Cooper Complete’s comparison of CCAO3 to Vayarin’s ingredients, Cooper seemed to criticize the Vayarin studies, which they sort of need to do since their product is not really like Vayarin. So why do they think they are an alternative again?

Accentrate® has helped former Vayarin users. It also helps people who didn’t respond to Vayarin since it addresses more nutritional deficiencies than just lipid imbalances with the included vitamins.

Before it was discontinued, Vayarin was a good product, but Accentate® is More.

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