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Don’t Love the Taste? Try This!

March 03, 2022

Supplements are like vegetables—they’re great for you, but they’re not always the best tasting. 🤢 Especially with children, it can be a battle to get them to take their supplements when they’re not used to the more natural flavors or may have sensory issues with textures and smells. Just like we may add cheese to broccoli to encourage kids…or let’s be honest, us adults…to eat it, there are some easy tricks to taking supplements as well.

Here are some tried-and-true tips to make our products go down easier for those with a sensitive palate:


These products are in softgel form and designed to be swallowed whole; however, if you or your child cannot swallow a pill, you can puncture the softgel coating and squeeze out the nutrients to mix it into food or drink. There may be a small amount left behind on the coating which might alter effectiveness over the course of time,, but you are still getting the needed nutrients.

We recommend these options to mix it in based on feedback from Accentrate® parents and our own taste tests, but feel free to improvise and let us know what works for you!

  • • Juice, especially citrus masks the flavor well
  • • Smoothie
  • • Applesauce
  • • Yogurt
  • • Ice Cream

If you utilize any of the above tips, make sure whatever you are mixing with is a small amount. You don’t want to mix it with a large smoothie or big bowl of ice cream in case they don’t finish the entire serving, in which they wouldn’t get all the Accentrate® nutrients.

Another alternative for those under 110 lbs. who cannot swallow a pill is Accentrate® Gummy.

Accentrate® Gummy

It contains all the ingredients in Accentrate® with the addition of tyrosine—the amino acid precursor to dopamine—and Vitamin C, which is also necessary for proper neurotransmitter regulation. It has a natural blueberry flavor, but it is not a “candy-tasting” gummy due to the high concentration of omega-3s included.

For the gummies if they’re not loving the flavor, we recommend storing the product in the refrigerator (the gummies do not get too hard to chew) and/or having juice or a beloved snack ready for them after taking the gummies. Orange juice is a great option.

MZI™ Kids/Adults

These products are in capsule form and designed to be swallowed whole; however, if you or your child cannot swallow a pill, you can open the capsule and mix the contents into food or drink as they are designed to be mostly tasteless.

  • • Any drink including juice or water
  • • Any food such as applesauce, yogurt, soup, etc. Not including Kraft Mac & Cheese as we have discovered it turns the dish gray

What other methods have you tried to encourage compliance with supplements? Send us a message!

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