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MZI Now Available

October 21, 2019

We are excited to announce the AccentrateMZI is now available! AccentrateMZI contains 110 mg of magnesium, 30 mg of zinc, and 10 mg of iron for children and 220 mg of magnesium, 60 mg of zinc, and 20 mg of iron for adults. All of these minerals are in chelated form and are more absorbable, more bioavailable, have reduced gastrointestinal issues, and do not have a metallic taste. AccentrateMZI is in capsule form, so if a small child can’t swallow the pill, the capsule can be taken apart and mixed into food since it does not have any taste. AccentrateMZI recommended dosage is twice a day in the morning and evening.

Certain medications can cause magnesium or zinc deficiencies, so supplementation with magnesium or zinc may increase the effectiveness of the medication. It may decrease the number of side effects, and it may allow a person to keep the dosage low, or at least not increase the dose over time. A person does not need to take Accentrate or Accentrate110 to take AccentrateMZI. AccentrateMZI will be deeply discounted if purchased with a three-month supply of Accentrate or Accentrate110® or $55 for a 180 count bottle.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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