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Brett’s Story: Quality Ingredients Matter

October 11, 2023

Hey there! I’m Brett Bartel, the Chief Science Officer for Fenix Health Science and creator of Accentrate®. With a master’s in molecular biology, I’ve always been interested in nutrition and its role in our physical and mental well-being. I’ve been fortunate to have professional experience in nutrition and a science background to follow new advancements in science and technology.

It's apparent that nature provides us with many of the building blocks we need to live a fulfilling, happy, healthy life…but sometimes we need a little extra support. Personally, I have made diet and exercise a priority for the last two decades on top of taking nutritional supplements for most of my life to bridge the gap of what our diet can no longer supply. But there are so many options, and it can be daunting to investigate which nutrients I need, how much do I need, and is this the best form of the ingredient? It’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed.

When my son was in first grade, it became clear he needed additional support for his cognitive and emotional well-being. This pushed us to research further into the role nutrition plays in mental health; since these days, it’s hard to get all your nutrition from the food we eat. Finding the right combination of supplements for him was hard and getting him to consistently take many different supplements was even more challenging. I thought other parents may also have this struggle, which lead to the creation of Accentrate® for my son.

We formulated Accentrate® to help others that have the same struggle we did and have the same love of nutrition that we have. Since we formulated Accentrate® for my son, we wanted a quality product with the best ingredients that combined the omega-3s and vitamins needed. Now, our mission is to help others discover the power of a nutritional approach to support cognitive and emotional well-being. From the very beginning, we wanted to establish a reputation for having the best quality of ingredients, the most bioavailable ingredients, the right formulations, and proper amount of those ingredients, so the average parent/individual doesn’t need to become a scientist before being able to get the right nutrients. We will always offer our customers scientifically backed, high-quality products so you know you are getting premium ingredients, whether it’s an omega-3 fatty acid, a vitamin, a mineral, or a probiotic.

If you have questions about Accentrate® or any of our products, please contact us below. We’re here to help you along your mental wellness journey.

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