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What's the difference between MicroVita® and Neuralli?

April 12, 2023

When searching for a probiotic that contains PS128™, you’ll run across both MicroVita® Focus by Fenix Health Science and Neuralli by Bened Life, but how do you know which is the right option for you?

The Purpose of Each Product

Neuralli is a high-quality probiotic that is formulated for a few very specific conditions. It contains 60 B CFUs of Lactobacillus plantarum (PS128™) that has been clinically shown to ameliorate the effects of Parkinson’s Disease and Autism.

MicroVita® Focus is a probiotic/prebiotic formulated to support focus, mood, and emotional balance through the gut-brain axis. It contains 30 B CFUs of PS128™ along with 5 additional probiotic strains for a total of 53 B CFUs (all six strains combined). MicroVita® is a probiotic/prebiotic that is specifically formulated to support focus, mood, and overall healthy gut well-being. MicroVita® supports the gut-brain axis, which is the specific microbiome in the gut that affects neurotransmitter regulation, by providing probiotic strains that have been shown to support normal dopamine and serotonin regulation.

Similarities and Differences

The similarity between MicroVita® Focus and Neuralli is that they both contain Lactobacillus plantarum (PS128™) in clinically proven amounts, though Neuralli contains twice the amount as MicroVita® Focus. Neuralli is marketed to people with Parkinson’s and Autism, and the clinical data supporting such claims used doses of 60 B CFUs. The clinical data showed supporting focus, mood, and emotional balance only required 30 B CFUs, which is why MicroVita® Focus contains this amount.

The main difference between the two is Neuralli only contains Lactobacillus plantarum (PS128™), which supports dopamine regulation. MicroVita® aims to support the gut-brain axis by encouraging microbiome diversity with multiple probiotic strains that support normal dopamine and serotonin regulation. In addition to providing PS128™, MicroVita® Focus contains five (5) other strains that additionally provide support for normal emotional balance, memory, and cognition. These include L. paracasei (PS23™), L. helveticus (HA-122), L. rhamnosus (GG), B. bifidum (Rosell®-71), and B. longum (Rosell®-175).

MicroVita® Focus is also a part of the MicroVita® Probiotic Kit, which includes two probiotic products: Focus and Mood.

The MicroVita® Kit is distinguished from Neuralli by:

  • • Six specifically selected probiotic strains in clinically validated amounts in each product
  • • Supports focus, mood, and emotional balance
  • • Three prebiotics per product that provide energy to the probiotic strains
  • • Alternating the probiotics and prebiotics monthly increases healthy microbiota variation

Lastly, the MicroVita® products are more affordable. Neuralli costs $165 for one bottle, and even if you get a three-month subscription, it ends up being $115.50 a month. The MicroVita® Kit is only $89 and supports the gut-brain axis with its three-month program.

For those that really need 60 CFUs of Lactobacillus plantarum (PS128™) each day, taking two capsules of MicroVita® Focus a day would provide that and additionally provide five other probiotic strains that support the gut-brain axis.

Hopefully, this quick comparison helps you determine which product best suits your need and explains the differences between MicroVita® and Neuralli.

If you have any further questions about our product, MicroVita®, feel free to contact us to learn more!

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